No matter what is happening in the US, the government needs the help of contractors. Therefore, government contract opportunities continue to rise. Each day, the government releases new opportunities. According to and as of August 18th, 935 new opportunities have become available, and the number continues to grow.  You are entering into the last month of the fiscal year and you need to make the most of the opportunities.

There are three things that you can do to continue to help you be competitive for the opportunities that you want to pursue.

Make sure you are up to date on credentials and certifications

It is easy to overlook notifications of upcoming expirations. We think that we have time, and we will get to it. The problem is that we wait until the last minute. For some things, like a vehicle inspection, that’s alright, but for other things, like building a team with the right small business certifications, waiting until the last minute can have a devastating effect. When you get a notification that you need to renew a credential or certification, schedule the process, and assign someone to oversee it. If you let it lapse or wait until the last minute, it can hurt your chances to compete or to join a team that has a high chance of winning a contract.

Know where you fit best within an opportunity

We cannot all be primes on a contract. Although that would be nice, it is best to take an approach with this simple question, “What role should I take, that will give me and my team the highest probability of winning?” If you want to pursue an opportunity that fits well with your business, but you are not equipped to be the prime, look for a teaming partner that can prime the contract. Strong subcontractors are just as important, sometimes more important, than the company that primes the contract. Know your strengths and the gaps that need to be filled. Build a team around the opportunity, starting with knowing where you can bring the most benefit and chances of winning the contract.

Use a government contract search platform to find opportunities

Opportunities are surfacing daily. It is difficult to be aware of them as they arise because they come from different sources. Subscribing to a government contract opportunity platform that scours multiple sources and brings them to you, in one place, is important. This minimizes missed opportunities. It is a small investment with a great return.

BC2Match is a government contract opportunity platform that uses “Intelligent Matching” technology to help you find Federal and SLED (State and Local) opportunities.  We use the criteria in your profile such as NAICS codes, certifications, and clearances to match you with the best opportunities.

Along with opportunities, we also give you the tools to build a team around an opportunity. When you create a job around an opportunity, BC2Match matches you with members who fit your requirements. Our scorecard helps you see who a good fit for your team may be.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial and start getting matches immediately after you fill out your profile.