Spend less time searching for State and Local government contract opportunities, and more time winning contracts.

BC2Match uses artificial intelligence technology to find the best opportunities for you and gives you the tools to build a winning team.

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Our artificial intelligence technology scours State and Local (SLED) data sources to find matches

BC2Match aggregates fragmented data and produces automated, real-time results based on your criteria


Use keywords to find the best matches

Target contracts by state(s) and your keywords to find matches that meet your criteria from state and local government contracts.


SLED + Federal opportunity dashboards

You can view and manage matches for government contract opportunities in your SLED and Federal dashboards


Build a winning team

Connect with contractors and suppliers when you need to fill a gap or build a winning team for an opportunity

Receive notifications

Receive weekly “Match / No Match” emails for new matches.

Find new State and Local as well as Federal government contract opportunities today with BC2Match!


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