Over the last year, BC2Match has added new features to help government contractors find better opportunities. Recent new features have included our Keyword Search to fine-tune matches as well as daily email alerts with new matches.

Our new Export Records feature will release next Wednesday, September 21, 2022. This will give Gold members the ability to export records that appear in their Federal and State and Local dashboards. The new Export Records feature is a great way to monitor your pipeline:

  • You will see data fields for contact information, NAICS codes, and certifications
  • You will be able to save your exports offline and share them with your capture team
  • You will be able to export 150 records per month.

Although other government contract websites have an Export Records feature, you usually have to pay to export records. As a BC2Match Gold Member, you do not have to pay more to get more.

What is BC2Match?

BC2Match is a new government contracts website that alerts government contractors to (1) federal, state and local government bidding opportunities and (2) Enables them to build teams of partners to respond to government requests. This user-friendly environment makes it easy to pursue contracts with qualified partners, as well as increases your accessibility and visibility.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Keyword-based search results updated in real-time
  • Team-building to match with prime and sub-partners
  • Priority ranking of opportunities based on your Profile
  • Daily alerts of new opportunities

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