When we think of government cybersecurity contracts, we think of the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The fact is cybersecurity is critical in every government agency across Federal, State, and Local. Why is this? It’s simple. Every agency has data, devices, and networks that they need to protect.

This means agencies beyond DoD and DHS have growing cybersecurity contract opportunities. To give you an example, the Department of Health and Human Services released an opportunity – IBM Passport Advantage Software Subscription and Support Services. Every agency has a need that only government contractors can fill, so if you want to look for opportunities like the DHHS example, there are two ways that you can find this opportunity.

Search Sam.gov

You can go to sam.gov and search for it. You can start by searching the keyword “cybersecurity.” If you know the agency and NAICS code, you can narrow it down, but what if you don’t know the agency? You will need to search each agency in the database. Even if you knew that the opportunity was under DHHS, you still need to sift through every opportunity. This is very time-consuming, so BC2Match offers a time-saving alternative.

Let the opportunity come to you

That’s right. You read that correctly. Since time is not a luxury in government contracting, BC2Match’s primary goal is to save you time by bringing the opportunities to you, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours sifting through Sam.gov.

BC2Match uses up to 13 criteria to research through data sources like Sam.gov and match you with the best government contract opportunities. In the case of cybersecurity, you can use a combination of the NAICS code, 541519 – Other Computer Related Services, and the keyword, Cybersecurity, to help BC2Match find opportunities. Here is an example of a few opportunities that BC2Match found based on the NAICS code and the keyword.

  • Cybersecurity Services Request for Information, Dept. of the Army
  • IBM Passport Advantage Software Subscription and Support Services – National Institutes of Health
  • Patient Discharge Booklet Software – Dept. of Veteran Affairs
  • Upgrade Existing Maintenance and Support – National Institute of Health
  • VMware Professional Services – Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Dell Installation Services – Dept. of the Navy
  • RAPID – Transportation Security Administration
  • STARS Decommission Project – Defense Finance and Accounting Services

Many more opportunities were found, but we wanted to give you a glimpse of the results. You can see all the results when you sign up for a free 30-day trial and add the NAICS code, 541519, and the keyword, Cybersecurity, to your profile. If you want to fine-tune your profile to get even better results, consider filling in other criteria such as small business certifications.

A free trial with BC2Match is the first step to bringing government contract opportunities to you. Sign up today.