Several trends have emerged that will impact government contractors providing opportunities and challenges. Being in the right position to benefit from these trends is the goal and meeting the right contracting officers is the strategy.


Here are several trends from which to benefit:

  • Infrastructure spending
  • Growing demand for technology and defense
  • Supply chain improvements

How will these trends impact you? How can you help your contracting officer solve its challenges? What contractors do you need to meet to benefit from these trends?



Infrastructure funds are flowing. The $1.2 trillion 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides $550 billion in new federal spending over the next five years. Here is a breakdown in billions:

  • Transportation – $284B
  • Power Grid – $79B
  • Broadband – $65B
  • Water – $55B
  • Resilience and Climate – $50B


Technology and Defense

The U.S. investment in next generation defense technologies is happening. Advances in weaponry, communications, and space are ongoing. Our joint agreement with the United Kingdom and Australia will place new technology demands on our defense sector creating new opportunities.

The need to modernize the government is ongoing. Key areas are cyber, data security, cloud services, artificial intelligence, and disaster recovery.


Supply Chain Improvements 

Supply chain shortages and slow delivery are well documented. Agencies and contractors need to work together to refresh supply chains. Position yourself to source components and raw materials close to home and communicate with your contracting officers about your capabilities.



Today’s environment requires contractors to find opportunities based on future trends rather than the past. What is needed tomorrow is different than what was needed earlier. Economic, geopolitical, and environmental pressures create new demands on the private sector to deliver goods and services needed by the Federal, state, and local governments.

Analyze the trends and see where you fit in. Use these trends to position your products and services so they respond to the trends and make your contracting officers successful. Understand their challenges and craft your message so they know you feel their pain. 



Every day, new opportunities hit the streets. Expect federal RFPs to increase by 50% as we head into June 2023. Certain states that have June 30th fiscal year ends are flooding the RFP markets today.

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