How much time have you spent looking for partners to help you win RFPs? How many contractors have asked you to join their team in response to RFPs?

Partners and teammates are not available in SAM. In fact, it’s hard to find partners to help you meet complex, federal requirements and it takes a lot of time

That is where BC2Match excels:

  • Match with primes and subs based on your Team Request
  • Match with other contractors seeking contractors like you.

Use BC2Match’s TeamBuilder to connect with your next partner automatically! 

BC2Match gives you the ability to:

  • Connect with contractors based on common needs.
  • See federal, state and local RFPs prioritized by your criteria in 1 place.
  • Use keywords and 10 criteria to find RFPs, subs, primes, and teammates.

Every day, new opportunities hit BC2Match so don’t miss out.

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