Here is the scenario. You review 4 RFPs where your talent is a key requirement, yet each RFP needs a wide team of specialists. In 2 of 4 RFPs, performance must occur in multiple states. What can you do to build your teams?

Talent is the Key

Great talent leads to great work. When RFPs and contracts require skills, geography, agency experience, or GSA contracts, finding the right partners is the highest priority.

You may be in construction, IT, healthcare, manufacturing or another industry. In each, building the team is a constant process for current and future projects. Finding the right talent quickly is the next step.

BC2Match’s TeamBuilder

BC2Match uses Intelligent Matching to rank teammates for you. Here is how it works:

  • Post a Team Request – See the Scorecard where results are sorted by best match using your criteria.
  • Respond to Other Team Requests – Get found by other contractors.

Think of us as a matchmaking service for government contractors! 

What makes BC2Match different?

Whether you are looking to be found or seeking subcontractors to fill project roles, TeamBuilder is the answer.

When you join BC2Match, you will have:

  • Full access to TeamBuilder.
  • Federal, state, and local RFPs, ranked by how you meet the RFPs requirements.
  • Daily emails when you have new matches
  • Keywords to fine tune your matches and Team Requests.

Given the number of contracts soon to be awarded, don’t delay!

Use our Free Trial offer below and become our newest BC2Match member.


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