What happens when your client needs your help in another geographic area? You can’t be 500 miles from HQ every day, so what do you do?

Often, you seek local talent to deliver service under your supervision. How do you find the right partners to meet your client’s needs? How long does it take to find that partner?

Imagine using BC2Match’s TeamBuilder to:

  • Find partners, subcontractors, and primes with specific qualifications.
  • Be found by other contractors needing help in your geographic area.

Imagine when companies respond to your Team Requests, and they are ranked by how well they meet your criteria.

BC2Match helps you:

  • Find and be found by contractors based on common needs. It’s a 2-way street.
  • See federal, state and local RFPs prioritized by your criteria in 1 place.
  • Use keywords and 10 criteria to find RFPs, subs, primes, and teammates.

Everyday new RFPs and TeamBuilder Requests hit BC2Match so don’t miss out.

Sign up for a free trial today. See how BC2Match does the “Heavy Lifting” to pinpoint and rank deals and partners that are right for you.