Why do businesses use government contract websites? New opportunities are published every day and it is easy to miss an opportunity, so they use government contract websites to find opportunities that fit their business.

There are many benefits to the government contract websites such as searching for opportunities based on criteria like certifications, vehicles, and NAICS codes. However, there can be Limitations. For instance, some websites only allow a few NAICS codes per company profile, so a company will pay more to add NAICS codes for which they are qualified. Restrictions on the number of NAICS codes make it challenging for companies who want to research various codes and might change their focus from one day to the next.

BC2Match eliminates this limitation so you can research opportunities in two ways:

  1. As a BC2Match subscriber, you can add as many NAICS codes to your profile as you wish. We recommend that you start with your registered codes. If you are researching other NAICS codes to see if it is worthwhile to register for the code, simply add the code. BC2Match will match you with opportunities for each code. After you are done researching, you can remove the code or keep it. There is no limit.
  2. BC2Match’s Keyword Search tool gives you the ability to look for specific opportunities within NAICS codes. For example, you can add the keyword “cybersecurity” to find cyber security-specific opportunities within the NAICS codes that you have added to your profile.

Our goal at BC2Match is to alert you to the best contracts for your business and give you the flexibility to check around, while also targeting specific agencies and small business qualifications so that you have the highest possible probability of winning.

Our tools are not limited to helping you find opportunities: BC2Match also gives you the tools to find qualified subcontractors to strengthen your team. Get started today with a 30-day free, no-strings-attached trial.