This last week there were elections all around the country. As seats in government change, initiatives also change. What does this mean for government contractors who are going after state and local opportunities?

Two things:

  1. Anticipated opportunities may be delayed or shelved.
  2. New opportunities will arise given newly elected officials.

What can you do to stay on top of state and local opportunities?

  1. Subscribe to a government contracts website that allows you to track state, local, and even federal opportunities, and build teams.It is a challenge to find, compile, and track opportunities when you are manually pulling opportunities from multiple state and local websites. BC2Match aggregates opportunities from each state and local data source, enabling you to find and manage your opportunities in one place. With BC2Match, you can also connect with other contractors and manage partnerships. Stop worrying about missing an opportunity; stop wasting time sifting through unqualified opportunities and cut the stress about finding a teaming partner.
  2. Get granular with keyword searches to find contracts and teaming partnersWith Federal contracts, you can search by NAICS code, but state and local governments do not use NAICS codes, so it takes a bit more work to find contracts that fit your qualifications. Searching contracts by keyword in BC2Match can make it easier to find contracts.Often, you need a strong team to win the contract. Using BC2Match’s keyword search tool, identify businesses with specific skill sets to create your winning team.
  3. Export records to upload in your CRMYou probably have an internal business development process to research contracts and potential partners. Exporting BC2Match records and importing them into your CRM is a great way to keep your BD team up to date with an accurate pipeline. The last thing you need is for your team to pursue opportunities with inaccurate intel.


The government landscape is always changing. Opportunities arise. Opportunities are delayed. Opportunities change. It is crucial to stay on top of it and this is where BC2Match can help.

BC2Match uses artificial intelligence technology to match you with state and local opportunities and businesses for potential partnerships. We use up to 12 criteria, including keywords, to find the best contract opportunities for your business.

Start your 7-day trial, and find new State and Local as well as Federal government contract opportunities today with BC2Match!