As you enter December, you are likely to either host a holiday party or be invited to a party – in-person or virtually. At the same time, regularly scheduled networking events will have holiday-themed gatherings. Either way, it is an opportune time to rekindle past relationships and build new relationships with government contractors.

We know that building relationships with other government contractors expands your network and increases your probability to win contracts. Here are a few ways to cultivate and grow your network.

Know who is attending an event

When you are attending an event, try to learn who is attending before you go. This will help you plan your evening. Most likely, there will be key individuals that you would like to meet or speak with, and it will give you time to reach out to the host and request an introduction during the event. You can also reach out to individuals through channels like email or LinkedIn to let them know you will be there and would like to meet them.

Do your research

As you pursue government contract opportunities, you may have gaps that need to be filled to be competitive such as a small business certification or a skillset. At the same time, you may recognize an opportunity that needs your specific skillset or certification. Knowing this before you attend holiday parties and events, as you meet new contractors or rekindle a past connection, you can ask specific questions and learn about each other to see if there is room for a potential partnership.

Follow up

After the events, be intentional with follow-up. This is not necessary for everyone you meet, but it is good with those who might be a good teaming partner. Invite them to coffee or get a zoom meeting on the calendar before holiday vacations start. Otherwise, the likelihood of scheduling a time to meet after the New Year diminishes considerably.


A big part of successful networking is knowledge about opportunities, skill sets you might need to strengthen your chances of winning, and who needs you to win contracts. With BC2Match, we match you with the best opportunities to increase your probability of winning contracts. We equip you with detail information so you can go to holidays events prepared.

Take advantage of BC2Match and start your free trial. Enter key criteria in your profile – such as Keywords, NAICS codes and certifications – so you can see the opportunities in your dashboard.  The opportunities will help you be more intentional with networking during the holidays. Let’s make this a successful holiday season by signing up today!