There were over 35,000 RFPs, RFIs, and Sources Sought issued between 10/1/23 and 1/6/24.

  • Which RFPs were right for you?
  • What RFIs and Sources Sought did you track?

RFI and Sources Sought often result in RFPs. Use them to organize your team in advance of the expected solicitation.

What makes BC2Match different? Think of us as a matchmaking service for government contractors!  We match you with the right RFPs and teammates.

Given the number of contracts soon to be awarded, what new teammates do you need? How will other contractors find you when they build their teams? 

BC2Match uses Intelligent Matching to rank RFPs and teammates for you. Here is how it works:

  • Post a Team Request – See results sorted by best match using your criteria.
  • Describe your company – Get found by other contractors
  • Want RFPs by best match – Click to see federal, state, and local RFPs ranked by how you meet the RFP’s requirements.
  • Receive daily emails when you have a matching RFP.

No more searching multiple websites. Instead, receive daily emails whenever You Have a Match! It’s that easy. 

Use our Free Trial offer below and become our newest BC2Match member.



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