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We know it is a challenge for WOSB contractors to get full transparency in the proposal process which eats up your time. This is why it is important that you find quality opportunities and teaming partners fast, so you have time to go through the process and compete for contracts.

In a nutshell, BC2Match helps you find contracts fast and at a lower cost than other government contract websites so you can win more contracts.

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Find new revenue opportunities while reducing costs


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BC2Match Features


Search for contracts and contractors with our Keyword Search tool


Connect with other government contractors directly about teaming opportunities


Review RFPs ranked by how well it matches your profile


Export your opportunities to share with your team or import into your CRM

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Why is BC2Match right for Women-Owned Small Businesses?
  • Find Better WOSB Contracts in a Fragmented Contract System
  • Connect with Qualified Contracts and Build a Winning Team
  • Reduce your Bidding Process Costs
  • Win more Contracts!

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