We are entering the 4th quarter of government contracts in the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Government spending is not slowing down, but we are seeing new trends emerging in the way government contractors position themselves to win contracts. Here are three trends.

Building teams remotely

Although the country is opening up again and people are starting to have in-person meetings and networking events, we have learned that we can assemble a strong team for contracts remotely. For some contractors, this is raising the question as to whether they need the overhead of an office. Contractors are finding that zoom is just as effective as an in-person meeting around the table in the conference room.

Larger companies are partnering with small businesses more than ever

As the government continues to spend more, the amount for small business set-aside increases.  Larger contractors will reach out to small businesses with certifications such as woman-owned and veteran-owned to partner as subs on contracts that are set-asides.

Finding skilled workers is becoming more challenging

There are some industries that are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers that are qualified for government contracts. Qualification includes the need for a security clearance. This makes it difficult for government contractors to go after and fulfill contract requirements. Although the Federal government is working on making the approval of security clearance more efficient, this is a trend that is not working in the contractor’s favor. 

Moving Forward

There is a common denominator in the trends. Contractors need skilled partners and workers to win government contracts. BC2Match gives contractors, whether they are a large corporation, small business, or supplier, the tools to find unique contract opportunities and to build a team in one place. Our tools are driven by “Intelligent Matching” technology that matches you with the best results based on your criteria such as NAICS codes, government agencies, and certifications. Sign up today for a free trial and start finding opportunities and building teams immediately.