Government contractor opportunities are being published every day. This means government contractors with similar skillsets and experience to you may be going after the same contracts.

As a government contractor there are two ways you can look at others who have similar skillsets and experience:

  1. As a competitor
  2. As a potential teaming partner

Before you can decide about another contractor as a competitor or partner, you need to do a little research. You will want to look at the following:

  • Their NAICS codes
  • Their certifications
  • Their vehicles
  • Their target agencies
  • Their skillsets

This can be very time-consuming because you would need to click through their website, go to their LinkedIn profile, and look them up on at the very least.

BC2Match simplifies the research. Although matching you with Federal and State/Local contracts through artificial intelligence technology is one of the primary features, researching BC2Match members can be useful when you are considering how to pursue an opportunity. With our Build My Team module, you can create job requirements and see who matches the requirement.

For instance, if you are an 8a-certified business with a Schedule 70 and a 541511 NAICS code, you can create a job requirement with your criteria and see who matches. This will give you an idea of who is most likely to pursue the same contracts. At the same time, if they have other skillsets, NAICS codes, or certifications that you do not have, they may be a potential teaming partner.

The Build My Team module gives you the tools to network and find partners for opportunities, but it can also be used to help you to research contractors.

You can start researching contractors and build your team with our 30-day free trial. Along with the Build My Team module, you can find new Federal and/or State and Local contract opportunities with our AI matching technology. Start your free trial today.