In Federal contracting, the moment you win a contract, you hit the floor running. If you start running with a Federal team that you do not trust, your team might trip and stumble along the way. We know what happens when a runner trips or stumbles. They lose speed and rhythm. They potentially get hurt, and, ultimately, lose the race.

There are many reasons why contracting teams trip and stumble. However, there is one reason that will always lose a race, and, in the case of government contracting, a recompete. That reason is distrust.

Distrust breeds disunity and disunity spreads like wildfire. Disunity is created when the team is not on the same page regarding expectations and responsibilities.

There are four main causes of disunity and strife:

  • My way or the highway mentality – team members who are not willing to compromise and value other team member ideas.
  • Ambiguous job expectations – team members are given an assignment, but they are unsure who they report to, what the deliverable is, or what the responsibility is.
  • Poor communication – team members are always wondering what the other team member is doing.
  • Not utilizing a team member’s strength – Team members are given responsibilities that either under-utilize their strengths or are beyond their skillset.

As a government contracting team, one or all of the causes will hurt the team and their ability to deliver on an awarded government contract. When you are putting a Federal team together for an opportunity, or when you join a Federal team to go after an opportunity, you must be able to trust each other. As you look for teaming partners, you need to find qualified contractors that you can vet thoroughly to ensure you are a good fit.

BC2Match is a government contract platform that matches you with opportunities through “intelligent matching”. BC2Match also gives you the tools to build a team you can trust, because we know how important it is to work with other contractors, whether prime, sub, or supplier that are trustworthy and qualified. Our Build a Team feature gives you the ability to:

  • Create a job post for BC2Match members that is specific to an opportunity that you are pursuing
  • Enter specific requirements such as NAICS codes, agency experience (coming soon), vehicles, and certifications among other criteria
  • View a scorecard that shows how well matches fit your criteria, with the highest-ranked first
  • Contact members directly to discuss potential partnership opportunities

You can start building a team you can trust and find new government contract opportunities by signing up for a free trial.