Finding and winning government contracts can be tough, especially if the government contractor is new to the game. With so many contract opportunities, how do you know where to start? Many government contractors have learned that it is not possible to go after every opportunity from every agency, so they focus their attention in two or three areas.

First, a contractor may focus on opportunities within a certain field. For instance, a government contractor’s expertise lies in cybersecurity, so they look at the opportunity, rather than the agency. If the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has an opportunity around cybersecurity services, the contractor may go after it. On the flip side, if the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), although an agency centered on security, releases an RFP for marketing services, the contractor will choose to decline the opportunity.

Second, a contractor may focus only on opportunities by NAICS Code and within specific agencies. Let’s consider the cybersecurity contractor again. They may decide to only go after relevant opportunities with DHS and DoD. Contractors take this route, so they are not spread too thin, and they begin to get recognized as reputable and reliable contractors for DHS and DoD.

Both approaches are smart and can benefit government contractors. It does not need to be an either/or but one or the other can be a good approach for contractors who are trying to get into the government space. You use the first approach to find out who will need your services, and the second approach to target more narrowly your best prospects.

BC2Match helps government contractors whether they are looking for opportunities within a certain field or within specific agencies. Our “intelligent matching” technologies finds opportunities based on your criteria.

Here is an example:

A cybersecurity contractor wants to go after security contracts specifically within DHS and DoD, but they do not want to sift through every DHS and DoD opportunity. They only want to see what is relevant to them, so they create a profile in BC2Match. They enter their criteria for our “intelligent matching” which includes the agencies they want to pursue, their NAICS codes, and their Small Business certifications. BC2Match scours multiple sources and returns results with the best matches first.

The cybersecurity company reviews the matches and decides whether they want to pursue the opportunity. They save time while receiving intel on opportunities that matter most to them. Like the cybersecurity contractor, you can save time searching for quality opportunities by creating a profile in BC2Match with your criteria. Start your free trial, make sure there is at least one NAICS (industry) code in your profile, and start getting matches immediately.