As a government contractor, tapping into a government contracts website to find opportunities is necessary for growth. Otherwise, it is very difficult to sustain as a business. There are many websites that help you find opportunities, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are four things to look for in a government contracts website.

  1. Prioritization

    A government contracts website needs to give you the ability to prioritize your opportunities. If you cannot prioritize, you are paying for a glorified dumping ground for all opportunities.

    BC2Match uses up to 12 criteria to match you with contract and teaming opportunities that fit your business goals. Each opportunity is ranked by how well you meet the opportunity requirements. This helps you prioritize your results so you can pursue the best opportunities and weed out the ones that do not fit.

  2. Save Time

    There are just so many hours in a day which means government contractors do not have time to look for opportunities in multiple places. BC2Match brings both Federal and State and Local matches to you in one place. Our application is designed to display your results in your Federal or State and Local dashboards within your account.

    Dashboards in one place is not the only thing that saves you time. We send you weekly emails to notify you of new contract opportunities as well as insights and trends, so you know what is happening in the contract world.

  3. Connect with other contractors

    We all recognize that networking is not the same as it was two years ago. However, as contractors, you need to build relationships with other government contractors to either build a team or join a team. Many government contract websites bring opportunities to you, but it is up to you to find qualified teams.

    BC2Match feels that teams are just as important as the opportunities, which is why we integrated the Build My Team module into our application. We give you the tool to post a requirement for an opportunity, find contractors who match your need and contact the matching contractor directly.

  4. Low Cost

    Small businesses feel that they must spend a great deal of money to find government opportunities. The truth is there are low-cost government contract websites that provide the same service as the more expensive websites.

    BC2Match believes that government contractors do not need to break the bank to find opportunities and build teams. Our pricing is a simple annual cost. You can go to our website to see the free trial and low annual cost and benefits.


Are you spending too much time sifting through unqualified opportunities? Now is the time to prioritize, save time, and build your team at a cost that is affordable.