The landscape of government contracting is always changing. Every year, changes and modifications are made to regulations that government contractors need to meet to be eligible. FY22 is no different. As you know, BC2Match helps you find contracting opportunities for Federal, State, and Local, but that is just one piece of the puzzle. Government contractors need to take additional steps to be competitive. We would like to share 3 things you should be doing now to remain competitive and eligible.

Stay on top of COVID safety protocols

Starting on September 9, 2021, an executive order was signed that requires Federal executive branch employees to be vaccinated. President Biden extended the requirements to Federal contractors when he signed another executive order on September 10. As government contractors, you need to know how this will affect you as you pursue new contracts in FY22. You can read the OMB statement at to understand the requirements.

Research the forecast of contract opportunities

Every Government contractor should research the Agency’s forecasts of contract opportunities. These will help you plan for opportunities, your role in the opportunities, and gaps that need to be filled by teaming partners. When you identify potential opportunities, you can use BC2Match to get notified when the opportunity becomes available. You can also take advantage of BC2Match’s Build a Team feature to find and build relationships with other contractors before the opportunity is published. Acquisition Gateway has a forecasting tool to help you plan.

Keep your small business certifications up to date

Small business certifications help you find set aside opportunities within the Federal government, but to be eligible, your certifications must remain active and current. The last thing you want to happen is to go after an opportunity only to find out your certification has expired. Plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time to renew your certifications. The renewal may be easy, but if the requirements have changed, you may have extra steps to complete in the renewal process. The U.S. Small Business Administration website is a good place to start.


BC2Match gives you the tools to find Federal contract opportunities based on your criteria and helps you connect with other contractors to build teams. As you receive notifications and pursue opportunities, make sure you are up to date with requirements. You do not want to have to pass on an opportunity because a requirement fell through the cracks.