Finding State, Local and Education (SLED) contract opportunities are not easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a contractor or a supplier, you deal with the same problem – looking for the needle in the haystack. Opportunities are all around, yet it is difficult to find them unless you look in exactly the right place.

To alleviate this pain, SLED contract opportunities need to be centralized, so you, as the contractor, do not have to spend your days looking in multiple sources. Every time you end up at a dead-end, you must backtrack and start over. This creates frustration beyond measure.

BC2Match recognized those SLED opportunities needed to be centralized. Not only centralized, but you also need to be able to find quality contract opportunities that are right for your business without going down dead-end streets. We decided to do something about it.

Introducing MySLED

BC2Match uses “Intelligent Matching” technology to match you with the best contract opportunities. We have been doing this with Federal contracts. Our platform aggregates data from multiple sources and displays results based on criteria that you set such as NAICS codes, certifications, and agencies. Our members are finding contracts that they have missed otherwise.

Our members also can connect with other members to build a team around an opportunity. Members post a job for the opportunity and they receive a scorecard of BC2Match members who meet the requirements.

We decided to extend our “Intelligent Matching” technology and team building to include SLED opportunities. BC2Match members can now access the MySLED dashboard to see the state, local, and education contract opportunities along with their MyFED (Federal) dashboard. They can also connect with other members if they need to build a team.

The MySLED dashboard is driven by your profile criteria just like the Federal dashboard. However, with SLED data, we have added keyword match criteria to help you find SLED opportunities that fit your business and qualifications. With BC2Match, you have the ability to define keywords. Along with the other criteria, BC2Match will find opportunities and rank them starting with the best match.

SLED and Federal Opportunities in One Place

Government contractors need to focus on current contracts and pursue new contracts. When searching for SLED and Federal opportunities, they can subscribe to different services that provide the information, but logging into multiple services takes time. BC2Match brings SLED and Federal opportunities into one place and notifies you when you get matches.

FY21 is coming to a close which means you may be scrambling to find and bid on opportunities. Try BC2Match with a free 30-day trial to find SLED and Federal contract opportunities. Simply add your criteria and get immediate results. If you like what you see, you can continue with a paid subscription for $249/year for the first seat and $99 for each additional seat. We will help you unlock opportunities and build teams so you can win more SLED and Federal contracts.