We are beginning to see reports that government spending on physical infrastructure will increase in FY22. This is just the start. According to Congressional Budget Office, they illustrate two scenarios that would affect the economy and boost private-sector productivity for the next 10 years.

Physical infrastructure includes a broad category of projects, requiring many different skill sets to complete them. Although you might think only of road building or airports, infrastructure also requires government spending on network management, cyber security, research and development, health care, and power equipment – all of these will be increasing, physical infrastructure projects should not be overlooked. While other contractors are investing their time and resources to compete for narrowly scoped contracts, infrastructure could be that hidden gem with a higher chance of your team winning contracts.

Start preparing now. You do not want to be two steps behind when opportunities become available. There are three things you can do now to prepare.

Register for physical infrastructure NAICS codes

Registering for NAICS codes is a good place to start. The contracting office can only assign one NAICS code to an opportunity, so if you can provide subcontract services, look for projects with codes such as 237310 (Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction), 238210 (Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Services), 561621 (Security Systems Services) or 541330 (Engineering Services). If you have the capabilities that meet the requirements for the NAICS codes, then it would be beneficial to you to register.

Connect with contractors who specialize in infrastructure

Contractors who specialize in physical infrastructure need a team to win and execute contracts. You may have a skill or a set of skills as a subcontractor that would help them win a contract. On the flip side, a contract may be a small business set aside that you could prime with the infrastructure contractor as a strong teaming partner. Take the time to build relationships now, because you may need each other sooner rather than later.

Search government agency opportunities

While everyone else is searching for opportunities within the Department of Homeland Security, you can be searching for opportunities with other agencies. If you want to focus on physical infrastructure, start searching for opportunities within the Department of Transportation (DoT). Take it a step further and narrow your search within DoT such as:

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Research and Innovative Technology Administration

And don’t overlook the opportunities on public lands at the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture.

Finding opportunities and building connections with BC2Match

Two of the challenges within the government contract world are the time it takes to find (1) opportunities and (2) contractor partners. BC2Match addresses this challenge by centralizing the ability to find opportunities and connect with other contractors. BC2Match uses “intelligent matching” to match you with the best opportunities based on your criteria. As a BC2Match member, you can do the following:

  • Add your NAICS codes to your profile to help us match you with infrastructure and other opportunities
  • Target specific agencies to find opportunities
  • Post a job/need connected with an opportunity and find contractors that match your requirements
  • Search and connect with BC2Match members

 Find current government contract opportunities that include infrastructure projects immediately with a 30-day free trial. You’ll like what you see. Then, continue with a paid annual subscription starting at $249. Infrastructure opportunities are out there. Use BC2Match to find them and get on winning teams.