One of the biggest challenges in government contracting is staying ahead of the game. Knowing as soon as a government contract solicitation is released is a key factor. Why? When you know, you can get going on your proposal immediately. Preparation includes:

  • Knowing if you are qualified for the opportunity
  • Finding out who else is qualified
  • Knowing the solicitation details

BC2Match was built to help you prepare for coming contracts. Let’s take a closer look.

Knowing if you are qualified

When you get intel on opportunities, the first thing you do is check qualifications. What agency is buying? Is the opportunity set-aside? What are the NAICS codes? Where is the buying office?  Knowing the qualifications will help you determine if you should pursue an opportunity. The problem is there are so many opportunities that it is difficult to focus on the best opportunities when the RFP is released.

When you use BC2Match, our “intelligent matching” technology takes your criteria and scours credible sources like, and finds quality matches. With BC2Match, opportunities are brought to you, so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Knowing who else is qualified

Sometimes you may not be qualified for every requirement, but you still want to go after the opportunity. This is where finding qualified teaming partners is important. There are ways you can do this such as asking around in your network circles. You can put a solicitation on social media with the hopes of finding somewhere.                                                

But wait! BC2Match gives you the tools to find qualified teaming partners right from your computer. You simply create a Build Your Team opportunity and BCMatch matches you with contractors and suppliers that meet your requirements. With our scorecard, you can see how well each business ranks. From there, you have the information you need to contact them. Knowing who else is qualified is important as you gather intel because when the opportunity becomes available, you need to be proactively ready.

Knowing when the solicitation is released

With all of the day-to-day responsibilities, it can be a challenge to follow up on an opportunity, especially if it can drop any day. We know that even a day or two after the release can be a setback. We need to be ready to jump on it and start preparing the moment the solicitation is released.

With BC2Match, you do not have to constantly check back. As long as your criteria is up to date, we will match the opportunity and post it on your dashboard as soon as it is released. This way you can stay focused on other responsibilities and when the solicitation is released, you can jump on it immediately.


BC2Match finds opportunities for you based on your qualifications so you are not sifting through unqualified leads. BC2Match helps you find potential partners to build a winning team, and, lastly, BC2Match notifies you of opportunities so you don’t get behind. We help you be proactive and prepared.

Are you prepared by staying ahead of the game?

You can sign up for a free trial. Start finding new opportunities and potential teaming partners today.