Prior to the reengineering of FedBizOpps (which is now, primes, subs, and suppliers could list their company’s interest in a particular opportunity. The Interested Vendors List in FedBizOpps was a great place for companies looking for a vendor with specific qualifications for an opportunity. The List was also a great place for vendors to be seen. However, this is no longer the case.

We noticed that removed accessibility to this important and helpful tool. It is still there, but they operate it differently.  Now, according to SAM’s Knowledge Base, that function only is available when it is authorized by the Contract Specialist. On top of that, as a vendor, you must be logged in to to access the List. has a library of resources to guide companies in government contracting. The website also has many features to help companies find opportunities, but the Interested Vendors List limited accessibility and use makes it more difficult to find partners and build teams for an opportunity.

The ability to add yourself to the list and find partners should be as accessible as finding opportunities.

BC2Match Helps You Find Partners and Vendors

We are turning into a remote world, which means we need to be able to find and connect with primes, subs, and suppliers easily online. A core feature and benefit of BC2Match is our Build a Team module. When you have an opportunity that you are pursuing, we give you the tool to do the following:

  • As a prime, find subcontractors and suppliers who are qualified to build a strong team
  • As a sub, connect with primes without the authorization of a Contract Specialist
  • As a supplier, create a profile with your specific qualifications and interests that is searchable by BC2Match members.

Going after opportunities is hard enough for a vendor without the added layer of finding qualified partners. Start your 30-day free trial and find opportunities (which we pull data from and other sources) and connect with other government contracts immediately.